Diana Lake Photography
Southern California Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer


hey you beautiful humans! 


Hiiiiii! It's me! The one behind the camera. My name is Diana but that's pretty obvious because its the name of my little business you've stumbled upon here. I won't give you the boring "I love love and photography is my passion" crap, but I will tell you what you can expect from working with me. I am fiercely dedicated to making your experience with me as FUN and easy going as possible. I am a pretty laid-back gal but I take my job as your wedding photographer insanely seriously. (I swear though I'm not as serious as the above photos look, I just like taking very stoic self portraits)

What you can expect:

I will always be available to communicate with you on any questions, concerns, wedding planning advice you may have. I will work with you months and months before your wedding to make sure we get everything set as far as timeline and photography are matching up- expect emails and pdf guides on this well in advance. This planning  helps me to be as hands off as possible on the wedding day so I can take in everything around me and produce back something you + I are both proud of. I will send you nifty giftys along the way to show you how much I can't wait for your wedding day! I will be up front with you about pricing and will try my hardest to work with your budget, but mama's got bills to pay too- so please consider the work I put in before expecting to get 8 hours of coverage, a second photographer and a mini horse for $1,000. 

On your wedding day, I will show up excited af and ready to goooo but I won't be overwhelming and crazy. I have a pretty calm aura around me, but I have no problem takin charge, being a #boss and getting your bridal party to line the eff up. I will email you back right away even if I am at dinner with my cats. I will deliver your photos within four weeks of your wedding date or sooner, no excuses. Expect sneak peeks THAT NIGHT or the next day! I will give you photos that reflect your day and how it really happened, photos you will want to look at for the rest of your lives and share with everyone you know. I AM HERE FOR YOU.

I promise you all of the above and some little extra surprises along the way. I know you have an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to wedding photographers, so I am so beyond grateful you are here. Click the button below for more super informative FAQ stuff!

some fun facts about me

because I know you are just dying to hear some

1. I'm a virgo, born in August, but fall is my favorite season.

2. I'm a huge The Office fan. I just tried to think of my favorite episode and couldn't narrow it down, but Dinner Party and when Micheal burns his foot are two of the greats aaaand Pam and Jim's wedding episode because it always makes me cry like a baby.

3. My cats are basically my children and I call them baby angels way too often.

4. True crime watcher, listener, reader. My Favorite Murder anyone?

5. I love hearing about what your happiness is. It is so intriguing to me what makes people tick. I have also been told I am a great listener!