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5 tips to nail your engagement session

Hey lovers! I have been getting a lot of questions regarding engagement sessions lately so I thought a blog post was in order. I have assembled 5 (hopefully) helpful tips to help you NAIL your engagement session! 


Choose a location that represents you as a couple. What do you love to do together? Pick a location for your engagement photos based off that activity. Do you both love to get out in nature and hike together on the weekends? Let’s climb a mountain! Are you more of a coffee drinkin, city strollin couple? Let’s meet in downtown LA and go exploring. Do you just love hanging out at your place with a glass of wine, cat in your lap and a board game? In home sessions are my fav! Whatever it is that makes you two feel the most in love and the most excited to be in and around that place, lets make it happen.



Plan your engagement session around the sun. Keep in mind that most engagement sessions are done about an hour before sunset because of the dreamy light that the “Golden Hour” provides, so plan your location accordingly. Check trusty google to see what time sunset will be and let’s shoot at that time. Early morning light can also be pretty magical, so consider arriving at your location just as the sun starts to rise. 

TIP 2 // .... BUT WHAT DO I WEAR!?

I swear, this is what I get asked THE MOST when it comes to engagement sessions. Here are my main tips when I get asked this question. 

  • Try to compliment the environment and each other. Think of where we will be shooting and try to compliment it with what you wear.

  • Neutral colors usually work for any location, but this doesn't mean just tans and white and gray, there are neutrals of literally every color. Mustard is neutral of yellow, forrest green is a neutral of green. Navy of blue and I could go all day but Ill stop there. 

  • Bright colors tend to draw attention away from where we are focusing on most, your faces and ultimately, your love! Avoid those bright florescent colors. 

  • Also reds, pinks and maroons will reflect onto your skin and make your fiance's skin (if you are wearing one of those colors) look really pink in the photos. 

  • Patterns can also be distracting so avoid wearing anything with too much pattern. 

  • Plan to wear shoes you can walk/ hike in!! And outfits you can move and shake in :) 

  • More importantly than all of the above, wear something you feel comfortable in and have worn a few times. If you wear something for the first time, you are going to be more worried about how you look in it and feel even more awkward. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 



Your engagement session will turn out so much better if you are both relaxed, feeling refreshed and stress free. This is why I suggest making it an all day affair or even a weekend getaway. When you plan the day doing things you both love, creating time and space to just be together, it will definitely show in your faces during our session. You will feel more connected and oh so in love after having spent the day together. Also Im not trying to get you drunk or anything, but having a few cocktails before a session can significantly make this whole picture taking thing less painful.. especially for you men. So plan your day, make it fun, relaxing, and let's ease into the shoot feeling like your best, most amazing selves. 



No matter how normal you think you are, everyone is a little or a lot weird. When you feel free to just BE YOURSELF and let loose in front of my camera, holy moly, I am one happy lady. My ultimate goal is to capture you two and who you are together- the dance-offs, booty grabs, inside jokes- nothing is off the table. Be your weird, true, authentic self and let me do the rest.



Embrace your awkwardness!  I always say, the more awkward you feel, the better because that will give us something to laugh about. Being awkward and making fun of that fact will make you feel less nervous, help you to open up and will probably make you laugh a lot- which allows for more authentic candid moments being captured, rather than stiff, contrived poses.


If you feel like you don't want to do an engagement session or don't see the point.. here’s my advice…  JUST DO IT. I definitely understand the anxiety that can go into being in front of a camera, kissing and lovin up on your fiancé, but trust me you wont regret it! First off, if you have never met your wedding photographer, an engagement session gives you the opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding and you get a feel for your photographer's shooting style/ how they will handle things on your wedding day. Secondly, overall it creates less stress going into your wedding day because you know, trust and hopefully like the person following you around with a camera all day. Lastly, you get amazing photos out of it to display in your house, at your wedding and for your save the dates. I’d say those are reasons enough to go ahead and just do the damn thing already!